BTS J-Hope Referred To As “Gwangju’s Pride” By Local Newspaper

He made fans proud.

BTS‘s J-Hope has been referred to as “Gwangju’s pride” by Moodeung Ilbo, a newspaper of Gwangju and Jeonnam.

BTS and J-Hope were featured on the Moodeung Ilbo newspaper for their attendance in the SBS Super Concert in Gwangju that was held on April 28.


In particular, the newspaper dedicated a whole page to J-Hope, calling him “Gwangju’s pride” and listing his activities and achievements.


This is because J-Hope’s hometown is none other than Gwangju where he was born and raised. Before debuting with BTS, J-Hope was known to have been a part of an underground dance team in Gwangju and have attended the Gwangju Music Academy.


What an honor to be called the pride of your hometown! Congratulations, J-Hope!

Check out BTS’s performance from the Super Concert in Gwangju 2019 below:

Source: Moodeung Ilbo