BTS’s J-Hope Reacts To His Legendary Drunk Meme From 2018

History repeated itself. 🤣

BTS‘s J-Hope is a jack of all trades. However, the only thing that he could use some help on is his alcohol tolerance!

Ranking himself last out of all the BTS members, it’s no secret that it’s a challenge for him to keep up with the others.

Alcohol tolerance ranking:

1. Suga

2. Jin

3. Jimin

4. RM

5. Jungkook

6. V

7. J-Hope

— J-Hope

Previously in 2018, J-Hope went viral for his quick change in demeanor. As someone who’s sensitive to alcohol, both his energy levels and appearance change when he gets drunk! He quickly went from bubbly and full of energy…

…to totally quiet and zoned out. Most notably, his face and neck becomes bright red even if doesn’t drink much.

However, in 2022, J-Hope says that all that has changed!

As a more seasoned drinker, J-Hope loves whiskey and is able to finish a bottle of wine by himself.

However, did he really change since the days of his 2018 drunk meme?

When Suga saw the photos online, he found it hilarious and questioned J-Hope’s drinking abilities.

It didn’t take long for everyone to learn: Some things never change, like J-Hope turning bright red every time he drinks!

Jin noted how J-Hope goes into zombie mode whenever the two are drinking together…

…but all that means is that he’s a really good listener!

Check out the full video below.