BTS’s J-Hope Is Making ARMY Nostalgic AF With A Few Iconic Items He Still Has After All These Years

BRB, wiping our tears with The Red Bullet Lightstick.

Not only can ARMY feel sentimental and nostalgic about BTS‘s humble beginnings, J-Hope recently revealed he feels the same way. In his latest Instagram story, he revealed memories he’s kept since before BTS’s debut.

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Showing off an EMINEM concert ticket from 2012, true ARMY remember the story behind this day!

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Explained years later from the actual even, J-Hope recalled the exciting day in a more recent tweet celebrating Suga’s birthday.

August 2012
The day Eminem came to Korea !!
The day we ran like crazy in the rain !!

— J-Hope

Citing the show in various interviews, it left a lasting impact on the three rap line members…

…and left fans with some of the cutest selfies!

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Another iconic memory J-Hope revealed he still has is his New York Mets bucket hat he purchased from Citi Field.

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Taking place on October 6, 2018, BTS’s first ever stadium concert in the USA was a legendary experience for both ARMY and BTS! Ending the “Love Yourself” Tour, the emotional night was a milestone in BTS’s growth as artists.

Emerging for the encore in the adorable piece of merchandise, fans can never forget the special day — and neither will J-Hope!

Thank you so much 💓

You’re all my HOPE 💓

— J-Hope

That’s not the only concert memory he shared — J-Hope traveled further back in time to “Boy in Luv” promotions in 2014 all the way to “BTS Live Trilogy Episode II: The Red Bullet” tour in 2015.

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J-Hope’s memories hit ARMY right in the feels!

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Lastly, he included something fans have never seen before: A handwritten birthday card from Jimin! Check out the full story below.

BTS’s J-Hope Trip Down Memory Lane Reveals A Touching Letter Jimin Gave Him On His Birthday