BTS’s J-Hope Takes ARMY On A Date To HYBE Museum And More In Latest “Boyfriend Material” Photos

Let’s explore with him! 😍

BTS‘s J-Hope proved once again why he’s known as the king of “boyfriend material” photos in his latest social media updates!

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First, he explored the brand new museum, HYBE INSIGHT, that commemorates HYBE artists through various exhibitions, spaces, and content.

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Posing proudly in front of the 8.5-meter Trophy Wall, J-Hope showed off the various trophies won by HYBE artists.

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Next is the Storytelling Diorama where guests can look through holes to see replicas of music video sets…

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…including the iconic backdrop of the “Dynamite” music video.

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J-Hope showed himself cutely exploring the museum…

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…and soon after, he included a photo of a shopping trip!

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With his casually charming photos that show his cool and fun aura in real life, he left every ARMY dreaming of being his girlfriend!

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J-Hope knows the way to ARMY’s hearts with his “boyfriend material” photos. Check out more of his most heart-fluttering moments below!

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