J-Hope Is Cracking Up At A Fanmade “BTS During Auditions” Video And It’s Too Accurate

The Jungkook one is so perfect! 🤣

J-Hope just reposted a hilarious edit by Instagram user @143iloveyoubangchan comparing the BTS members to characters from Sing (2016). During the audition scene, different animated animals try their luck to enter a singing competition with each character bringing their own unique flair (much like the BTS members)!

1. Suga

Just like Suga, the bull auditions with some rap music. Bonus swag points for his leather jacket!

2. V

From his love of smooth jazz to his classic suit, this mouse is totally V.

3. RM

Known for pushing boundaries when it comes to music, this hippo and RM give it their all.

4. Jimin

The giraffe’s angelic voice will instantly remind any ARMY of Jimin!

5. J-Hope

From the robot dance to the old school rap, this crocodile is totally J-Hope. Plus, his cool bucket hat completes the look!

6. Jin

This alpaca wearing pink and playing a guitar just has to be Jin!

7. Jungkook

The character Johnny has a gorgeous voice just like Jungkook.

Check out the full video below!


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