BTS’s J-Hope Didn’t Realize He Had This Super Cute Habit Until Someone Told Him

ARMY, did you notice this?

BTS‘s J-Hope has tons of unique and adorable habits that ARMY find utterly endearing! From tilting his head when he’s confused…

…all the way down to the way he does a peace sign, J-Hope is truly one of a kind!

Most recently, fans addressed one of habits on an episode of Palette with host IU.

Loyal ARMY have noticed J-Hope’s super cute habit of ending his sentences with two exclamation marks.

Diligently conveying an animated and cute tone through both handwriting and through texts, it even took J-Hope a minute to realize he does this!

Knowing it’s the best way to prevent misunderstandings, he’s always sure to add in some exclamation points to convey a happy tone.

Even sending a simple text, he makes sure to get his point across.

So, for example, when I say ‘I’m here,’ I go ‘I’m here!!” with exclamation marks.

— J-Hope

For the same reason of conveying his emotions, he also uses emoticons!

These cute habits are just another way J-Hope can show his own unique charm.

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