BTS’s J-Hope Went Behind The Scenes With IU And It Shows His Real Personality

No other Palette guest has ever done this!

On IU‘s most recent episode of Palette, BTS‘s J-Hope stopped by to talk about everything from his current Jack in the Box promotions to the story of how he became an idol. However, one of the most endearing things that happened on the show wasn’t something he discussed, but rather what he did behind the scenes.

Planning to sing his song “= (Equal Sign)” together on the show, IU shared that J-Hope was the first person appearing on Palette to rehearse their performance.

J-Hope passionately rehearsed behind the scenes with the band, hoping to put on a perfect performance.

Explaining that it was his first time putting on a live performance on his own, J-Hope knew rehearsing was in his best interest.

Full of respect for IU’s Palette, he wanted to do his best not only for himself, but also for the show.

It’s not just any show so I thought I should show some attention and take my time to make a really good performance.

— J-Hope

While this might seem like routine for J-Hope, IU shared that no other guest has ever gone to such great lengths to create the best performance possible!

This is a huge deal. In my 14 recording sessions, even I’ve never practiced in there, but then J-Hope asked me to go to the practice room.

— IU

J-Hope’s extremely busy schedule consists of his Jack in the Box listening party, album release, live broadcast, Lollapalooza practice, and more. However, he maintains his humble attitude and work ethic by downplaying his activities and diligently rehearsing.

Appreciating all kinds of feedback, J-Hope takes opportunities like this to improve as much as possible, which is a big part of why he’s so successful today!

Check out what else he revealed below.

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