BTS’s J-Hope Just Dropped Major Spoilers About His Lollapalooza Performance And We’re Freaking Out

HOBIPALOOZA is coming!

There’s only a few days left until BTS J-Hope‘s headliner performance at Lollapalooza. While he’s usually not a fan of giving out spoilers, J-Hope let a few details slip about what fans can expect from the performance during a recent interview on IU‘s Palette.

J-Hope views the festival as a big challenge for himself and the next step to “break out of the box” and become a well-rounded, experienced solo artist.

Specifically, J-Hope wants to truly put his skills to the test by performing in front of not only his fans, but also festival attendees. He’s ready to leave his comfort zone by standing in front of those who don’t know his music because they will give him an honest assessment of his skills based solely on his performance.

Dropping some mega spoilers of what fans can look forward to, his set is going to be jam-packed with excitement!

The performance time is 1 hour and it’s going to be about 16~17 songs.

— J-Hope

As for what the performance itself will be like, J-Hope is showing off a whole new side of himself. Much like the theme of his solo album Jack in the Box, he’s breaking the mold and ready to try new and bigger things.

Inviting fans into his “Hope World,” his vague spoiler only left ARMY in even more anticipation!

You’ll be able to feel what I feel and see the world as I do. Rather than an exaggerated explanation, you’ll know why I said this when you see me on stage.

— J-Hope

Always painting a bigger picture, “plan man J-Hope” is preparing hard — and leaves everyone wanting “MORE!”

Check out more from his interview below.

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