K-ARMYs Have A Better Translation For This Important Line In BTS J-Hope’s WKorea Interview

“I wish there would be a way to let international fans know the actual vibe of that comment.”

BTS‘s J-Hope poured his heart out to WKorea about everything he’s been up to recently, including his goal for Jack in the Box, how he’s changed since Hope World in 2018, and the best qualities of his true personality.

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However, a particular line has caught the attention of K-ARMYs, and due to the nuances of translating from Korean to English, the true meaning was somewhat lost in translation. However, Korean fans are here to clear the air so international fans can enjoy what J-Hope really meant with one powerful line.

They translated 저, 그런 무대를 겪어봐야겠어요 in English > ‘I really need to be on the stage alone.’

But… the nuance of his original comment in Korean doesn’t really carry over, which kind of sucks. 😢
저, 그런 무대를 겪어봐야겠어요 sounds like a line out of a K-Drama, honestly (LOL). I wish there would be a way to let the international fans know the actual vibe of that comment. 😭😭


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The line in question references J-Hope’s desire to perform at Lollapalooza to push himself as an artist. His original line in Korean conveys a much stronger emotion than simply wanting to “be on the stage alone” — More accurately, he thinks he should experience such a performance and is ready to put himself to the test.

You know I can just call people I know and perform. But the music festival is the place where I can get a sober assessment of the audience. They will jump and dance if I am any good. If I suck, they will not react. I think it’s time I put myself to the test like that.

— J-Hope, WKorea

Why exactly is this so impressive? J-Hope, who could choose to perform in front of solely his loving fanbase, would rather truly test himself as an artist at a festival where a percentage of people may not be his fan and will evaluate him based solely on his performance.

In this way, the crowd will react honestly — In his own terms, his success will garner an enthusiastic reaction from the crowd and a failure to do so would be an objective evaluation of what he needs to improve.

Challenging himself and pushing his boundaries, J-Hope is willing to leave his comfort zone and take on a brand new challenge. Much like the message of Jack in the Box, he’s overcoming his previous limits in order to grow as an artist — and that sounds epic enough to be a line from a K-Drama!

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