Even BTS Gets Starstruck — J-Hope Is A True J. Cole Fanboy On Set For “On The Street”

This moment is a must-watch!

The BTS members are just like us — Sometimes, even they get starstruck in front of their idols! J-Hope showed this side of himself while getting ready for his music video shoot for “on the street” in collaboration with his muse, J. Cole.

He was full of nerves, getting the exciting chance to collaborate with one of his biggest idols in the music industry…

…and in typical J-Hope fashion, he didn’t show up empty-handed! He wrote a thoughtful letter expressing his gratitude and even brought more for his idol that he reveals later on.

The moment the two arrived on set, J-Hope was so excited to see J. Cole and showed the reactions of a true fan!

Upon hearing J. Cole wanted to contact him directly, he was so touched…

…and his expressions alone conveyed how excited he was!

When filming began, J-Hope stayed to monitor him and even recorded some parts on his phone. He’s definitely going to remember this forever!

As he tried to express his feelings while watching from the sidelines, his mind went blank…

…and he wasn’t sure if this was all real life or just a dream!

At the end of J. Cole’s filming, J-Hope was able to talk to him about how much he loves his music and even surprised him with a gift.

In the end, his collaboration was a total success and his childhood dream came true!

Watch the full video below.


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