BTS’s J-Hope Showcases His Intense Work Ethic During The “Jack In The Box” Album Cover Photoshoot 

Nobody works harder than Hobi! 🔥

BTS‘s “Plan man” J-Hope recently took ARMY behind the scenes of his Jack in the Box album cover photoshoot and his hands-on role in the process shows exactly why he’s known among fans for his work ethic!

J-Hope had achieved his dream of working with artist KAWS to create a stunning album cover. As he created the photos that would be used, he put in all of his effort for the best end result.

He consistently offered his own creative input and suggested many changes and ideas to make his vision come to life.

In charge of the fine details all the way down to the colors of the album, J-Hope utilized a green screen to select which colors would go best with the end result. In the end, he revealed he chose pink and blue to mimic a pop art aesthetic.

Since I’m shooting in front of a green screen, the background could change in different colors. I’m going to choose a color that goes well with the artwork.

— J-Hope

Additionally, he had control of the wardrobe and picked pieces that conveyed his own messages that are expressed in the album’s lyrics.

One of the reasons that I went for this checkered pattern is because this album talks about a crossroads of choices. So I thought that instead of showing the image outright going with black-and-white to offer either one of a specific choice gives more clarity.

— J-Hope

From the fit of his clothes…

…to the angles of the photoshoot…

…to the symbolism within the photoshoot, J-Hope is in charge of it all!

J-Hope jokingly questioned if his own passion was “too much,” but it just shows how hardworking and involved in the entire Jack in the Box he really is!

Check out the final result for his album artwork below!

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