BTS’s J-Hope Drops Official Tracklist For “Jack In The Box” After Spoiling A New Song

Did you notice this?

BTS‘s J-Hope just released the official tracklist for his solo debut album Jack In The Box. Featuring 10 songs, the extensive list has a variety of exciting titles that are already leaving ARMY in anticipation for the album’s release on July 15.

1. Intro

As with many BTS albums, J-Hope starts things off with an introductory track.

2. Pandora’s Box

“Pandora’s Box” may be a direct reference to the story behind J-Hope’s stage name.

J-Hope told the story from Greek mythology of Pandora accidentally releasing evils into the world with the last remaining thing being “hope.”

3. More

J-Hope’s debut single “More” has already been released.

Receiving a huge positive reaction for it’s unique sound and edgy music video, “More” is a must-listen!

4. STOP (세상에 나쁜 사람은 없다)

The titles translates to “STOP (There are no bad people in the world).”

During a live stream, J-Hope once recommended a book by the same title written by poet Won Jae Hoon.

5. = (Equal Sign)

With just a symbol as a song title, J-Hope is breaking the mold!

6. Music Box : Reflection

Going along with album’s theme, the title of the next song “Music Box : Reflection” evokes similar imagery to a Jack in the box.

Perhaps the song is an interlude or references the “Hope In The Box” visual trailer.

7. What if…

The next three songs are completely new to ARMY…

8. Safety Zone

…and we can only imagine just how amazing they’ll be!

9. Future

What might the future hold?

10. 방화 (Arson)

The last song’s title was spoiled by J-Hope on Instagram!

He gave a small spoiler for the song by lighting a candle that said the song’s title on the side.

The full tracklist for “Jack In The Box” can be seen below.

Check out the video below!