Besties For Life — The Impact BTS’s Jimin Made On J-Hope By Supporting Him At Lollapalooza

They’re so precious!

BTS‘s J-Hope and Jimin share a bond like true brothers. One of the greatest displays of their friendship was when Jimin didn’t hesitate to fly across the world to meet J-Hope in Chicago and cheer on his headlining Lollapalooza performance this past summer.

J-Hope shared that he wasn’t nervous before going on stage an hour before the show. Usually, he has some nerves since it helps him perform better.

However, all of his burdens were erased on this day because Jimin appeared to cheer him on!

From that moment [he arrived], [my burdens] were all gone like magic. As you can see in the documentary, I kept saying to Jimin, ‘Thanks to you, I’m so relieved right now,’ and that was true.

— J-Hope

He felt relieved and could stay calm with Jimin around. Since he had never performed solo before, his member standing next to him helped provide a sense of normalcy.

His nerves had completely vanished.

Instead, he was able to focus on showing what he had prepared.

Right after he came off stage, Jimin was there with praise.

During their livestream afterwards, you could continue to feel J-Hope’s love and appreciation for his member! It was a lot of work, but with his best friend by his side, J-Hope completed his solo promotions with a smile.

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