BTS’s J-Hope Completely Freaks Out After Jin Proves His Real Talent

Even Jin wasn’t ready! 😂

Recently, the BTS members custom designed their own merch for ARMYs and J-Hope‘s mini bag is gaining popularity for it’s cool and unique style!

| @HYBE_MERCH/Twitter

It even caught Jin‘s attention, who MC’d J-Hope’s explanation of the bag. Going above and beyond, Jin helped to describe all facets of the bag and the many things ARMYs could do with it.

Even to my eyes, this bag seems very fashionable and cute as it is, but if you customize it with badges, you can add more character to the bag!

— Jin

In that moment, J-Hope was so touched by Jin’s thoughtful MC skills, mentioning the extra details with his own meaningful commentary. J-Hope was so happy that he couldn’t contain himself…

…and threw down his bag!

Jin! You’re the greatest host in the world! I’m so touched right now!

— J-Hope

J-Hope’s excitement was met with a hilarious response from Jin who didn’t quite meet J-Hope’s enthusiasm.

Why are you yelling at me? *laughing*

— Jin

J-Hope was so impressed with Jin’s keen attention to detail and thoughtful input, but it didn’t stop there.

Jin also mentioned the unique aspect of the bag where each and every one has it’s own design and no two bags are alike.

Reminding J-Hope of the important tidbit, he threw down his bag yet again at how impressed he was with MC Jin.

I can’t believe this guy! You’re really something.

— J-Hope

Of course, Jin assured everyone that he was trying his best — and we can tell!

J-Hope and Jin prove they’re the most hilarious duo and you never know what will happen when these two are together!