BTS’s J-Hope Reveals His Parents’ Reaction To Lollapalooza — And Flexed How He Spoiled Them Afterwards

Every child dreams of doing this for their parents!

BTS‘s J-Hope recently appeared on Park Sohyun’s Radio Show Love Game where he talked about his performance at Lollapalooza. With such an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the event, he revealed what his parents thought after watching him perform.

He shared that in his family group chat, his parents shared that they overcome with pride for him.

His parents discussed how they always see the seven members performing together, so it was a new and amazing experience to see their son occupy the stage on his own.

J-Hope’s dad, sister, mom, and himself.

J-Hope always discusses his tight-knit relationship with his family and that his goal is to make them proud of him as he pursues his dreams.

He shared that he felt like he did just that at Lollapalooza!

They liked it so much! They said their son is back and they were so proud of me.

— J-Hope

As part of J-Hope’s dream, not only is he happy to make his parents feel proud of him, he’s also excited to be able to treat them in special ways.

Yesterday I gave my parents my card and asked them to make sure to eat something. I saw the statements and they really had some delicious stuff! *Laughing*

— J-Hope

J-Hope’s love for his family stems from their supportive upbringing. As his mother took on two jobs to help pay for his dance lessons, he’s now at a place to repay her for her selfless sacrifice.

As my mother trusts and helps me, I must succeed. My mother’s happiness is my happiness and her laughter is my laughter.

— J-Hope

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His determination to repay her has allowed him to be able to take care of his parents the same way they took care of him.

Hey mama
Now you can lean on me
I’ll always be by your side
… Because you gave selflessly to me
Because you were my support
… Now you can believe in your son, you can smile

— “MAMA”

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