Here Are The Grueling Details Behind BTS J-Hope’s Intense Practice Sessions For Lollapalooza

He pushed himself to the limit! 🔥

BTS‘s J-Hope recently made history as Lollapalooza’s first Korean headlining act. As hard as he worked on stage to put on an iconic performance in front of a sea of endless people, he worked even harder in the coming weeks before the show.

BTS’s J-Hope | Naver

Right after the release of his solo debut album Jack in the Box on July 15, he immediately went to work preparing for Lollapalooza. From July 16 to July 24, he practiced for 8 days with only one day off. After landing in the US, he continued to practice for 2 days, record dance practice videos, and do one final rehearsal before the show.

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His intense days of practice were 5 to 6 hours each, and according to his latest Instagram video, he didn’t slack off during his practice performances at all!

Passionately practicing “Arson,” J-Hope performed with just as much explosive charisma that he would go on to use in front of the crowd during the show.

All of the intensity and energy fans see on stage from J-Hope is from his long hours of practice behind the scenes.

Boosting his stamina, he was able to command the stage alone as a solo artist — but it all starts in the practice room!

J-Hope shows that the only way to get success like this

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…is to put in the hard work behind the scenes like this!

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Check out his full video below.