Lollapalooza Staff Goes Viral For His Reaction To BTS J-Hope’s Rap Skills

Everyone became an ARMY this day!

He came, he saw, he conquered! BTS‘s J-Hope recently stepped foot on the Lollapalooza main stage and made history as the festival’s first Korean headliner act.

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His flawless performance left not only the millions of ARMY watching in person and at home in awe, but also anyone who happened to catch his performance. From festival-goers to Lollapalooza staff members, everyone left his show as a purple-blooded ARMY.

Among many shocking twists and turns to his iconic performance, one particular moment caught many peoples’ attention.

As the final breakdown of his song “Hangsang” began, the band stopped their accompanying guitar and drums to let J-Hope’s voice fill the entire space. With just a simple beat in the background as he passionately rapped, he showcased his commanding stage presence and insane skills!

He kept up the intensity for the remainder of the breakdown as the band’s accompanying music kicked back in and the crowd went wild.

During this moment, a Lollapalooza staff member’s reaction was caught on camera — and went viral for just how relatable he is.

The shock in his face as J-Hope rapped shows that another ARMY might have just entered the fandom!

With a performance like that, it’s easy to understand why everyone became a J-Hope fan that day!

Watch the full TikTok here.


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