What’s Under BT21 Mang’s Mask? — BTS’s J-Hope Reveals His True Identity

The story unfolds!

The newest piece of BTS and Line Friends’ BT21 universe is coming very soon!

When J-Hope created Mang, he originally designed a horse character with no mask.

Original Mang concept design without mask

Original Mang concept design without mask

During the finalization process from staff, Mang was given a mask, possibly to add mystery and a cool, new element to his identity.

Because of this, J-Hope once discussed if Mang’s end goal was to remove his mask.

Recently, Mang has been teasing at taking off his mask to reveal what is underneath and fans are growing curious.

This is why J-Hope recently entered the office to brainstorm ideas for Mang’s face!

He shared that the moment feels right for Mang to remove his mask, giving even more depth to his story.

In the teaser video, J-Hope shows big reactions as he tries to formulate ideas for the little guy’s true identity!

Sometimes not confident in his drawing abilities, J-Hope hilariously teases about his real face…

…and its totally leaving us in suspense!

Follow along the journey as J-Hope comes up with ideas for Mang.

He might need a little help along the way, but he’s ready to make it happen!

“Inside Mang — The New Universe” premieres on March 3.

Watch the full trailer below!