BTS’s J-Hope Reveals His Upcoming Mixtape Will Be “Intense and Mature”

He shared brand new info about his new music!

BTS‘s J-Hope has been teasing at releasing new music ever since the release of his first mixtape, Hope World, in 2018. During a recent live broadcast, he dropped some exclusive information about what fans can expect from his highly-anticipated new music.

While writing his new music, he’s trying a different style from his previous mixtape.

Until now, I wrote many happy and bright songs, but this time I wanted to write some intense songs. So, I’m working on that direction now.

— J-Hope

He shared that his reasoning for the stylistic change is to branch out as an artist and widen the spectrum of music he creates.

Despite having some worries about attempting something different, he shared he loves trying new things to challenge himself as an artist.

What can we expect from J-Hope’s upcoming mixtape? New themes, a new sound, and more!

I want to write songs that are intense, but at the same time, mature.

— J-Hope

J-Hope has already proven his status as a versatile artist with deep and mature songs like “Blue Side.” Check out some more important things you should know about J-Hope below.

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