Here Are 4 Misconceptions About BTS’s J-Hope That Need To Stop

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Everyone loves BTS’s J-Hope — but not everyone takes the time to truly understand him. Check out these 4 common misconceptions about him and start appreciating what really makes J-Hope so amazing!

1. J-Hope is not a mood-maker because he is outgoing. He is a mood-maker because he is caring.

Everyone knows J-Hope’s energy can liven up any room…but this isn’t why he’s known as BTS’s “mood-maker.”

He was given this title for his kind and caring heart, and his willingness to help anyone at the drop of a hat.

J-Hope is incredibly selfless and will not hesitate to do things for the greater good of his team, prioritizing others before himself.

He always lends his members a helping hand, gives them his emotional support, and encourages them to follow their dreams…all before ever considering his own needs.

You’re BTS’s mood-maker, always picking everyone up.

— Suga to J-Hope

When someone refers to J-Hope as a mood-maker, it’s because he does everything in his power to lift up those around him without a second thought.

2. J-Hope’s real personality is not just “full of sunshine.” He is a very disciplined and hardworking person.

People often mistake J-Hope’s happy virus image as the extent of his true personality.

It’s true that he’s optimistic, but even BTS has admitted that his over-the-top silliness is part of his image. However, his authentic, day-to-day self is even better!

He is hardworking and disciplined, taking his craft very seriously.

He focuses more than anyone when the time comes to get down to business…

…and is constantly offering his thoughtful input to help lead BTS.

Outwardly, he has a caring and pleasant demeanor, but inwardly, he has a relentless and admirable drive.

J-Hope is not simply his bright image; he is complex, diligent, mature, and lives with purpose.

3. Enough with the Sprite jokes! Start associating J-Hope with his passionate performances, leader-like personality, and kind heart….not memes and emojis.

Forget surface-level things; his silly English phrases, cute emojis, and bright aesthetic. These should not be the extent of the conversation surrounding J-Hope. He is so much more!

Try associating J-Hope with his lifelong passion for dance, pursuing his dream even when his father didn’t approve and his mother worked two jobs to pay for his classes…

…or think of his badass performances that are so charismatic, they lead to the creation of the term “Hoseoked” — when fans fall for J-Hope’s unreal charisma in person.

Stop putting him in a colorful box for a meaningless aesthetic. When you hear the name J-Hope, you can think of his long hours of thoughtful work, day after day…

…or his noble, leader-like personality and confidence in his team…

| Melon

…or his humble heart that genuinely loves and appreciates his fans as much as they support him.

4. J-Hope should not be expected to stick to his signature bright style since he’s proven he’s capable of many other things.

J-Hope’s mixtape Hope World and his outro song “Ego” showed off his color and personality, addressing serious topics in a fun way.

However, J-Hope has experimented with a variety of concepts and music styles that he can execute, as well. From the dramatic and deep “Boy Meets Evil” from BTS’s album WINGS…

…to his fierce and aggressive rap song “1 VERSE,” bursting with swag…

…to the summer jam “A Brand New Day” with electronic hip-hop influences, any genre or concept J-Hope tries is a success.

There are no limits to what he’s capable of doing as an artist and as a person.

So the next time you think of J-Hope, consider these 4 important points and know he is a lot more than a bright smile.

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