5 Reasons We’re All Madly In Love With BTS’s J-Hope

Dear men: If you’re not J-Hope, try harder.

If you haven’t already fallen head over heels for BTS’s J-Hope, you may need to reconsider a few things (Examples include but are not limited to: “Have I been living under a rock?”, “Do I have a soul?”, etc). Luckily, we’re here to provide you with just a few of the reasons J-Hope is the perfect bias. Take a moment to find out exactly why he’s so special to ARMYs with these 5 reasons!

1. He is out-of-this-world talented at, like, everything.

The thing that may initially attract you to J-Hope is his love for his lifelong passion — dance!

J-Hope’s energetic and expressive style allows him to confidently perform a ton of dance styles. Growing up with a background in street dance, freestyling is practically effortless for him.

It’s no wonder he’s known as “Jung Team Leader” when it comes to BTS’s choreography!

He’s also a beast when it comes to rapping…

…and he has the singing voice of an angel.

Basically, he can do it all — He’s the golden hyung!

2. He plays a vital role in BTS’s success and identity.

J-Hope’s leadership goes far beyond choreography. His thoughtful ideas, work ethic, and steadfast determination help guide BTS to be as successful as they are today.

As a bridge between the older and younger members, he has a special connection with everyone. He bonds with the hyungs…

…and lets loose with the maknaes.

He provides sensible words of advice when the members are feeling down…

…and he doesn’t think twice when it comes to sacrificing for them.

He pushes them to do their best, leads by example, and wholeheartedly believes in them as both people and team members.

You’re the most professional member in our team … To be honest, you take care of the stuff I miss even though I’m the leader.

— RM to J-Hope

3. He has a complex and layered personality with never-ending charms.

Upon first glance, J-Hope is BTS’s designated cutie goofball. From his bright smile to his adorable laugh, you can’t help but want to smile along with him.

However, while he is a positive person, he is much more complex than he seems. He’s often referred to as “an iron hand in a velvet glove” — an idiom meaning he’s a sweet person on the outside but has manly and charismatic charms on the inside.

An ex-Bighit trainee described J-Hope as a very friendly person, but his eyes completely change and become intense the moment he focuses on his practice.

Similarly, a staff member described J-Hope’s personality as polite, smart, and exploding with masculine charms.

The longer you know him, the more you can feel his manly side.

— Staff

Jin said if J-Hope is angry, whoever made him mad is the one in the wrong. However, during the times he does get angry, Suga says he becomes the scariest member.

He’s praised by fans for simultaneously being warm and friendly as well as strong, professional, and cool. (Hmm, did someone say “husband material?”)

4. He’s incredibly humble and takes his platform seriously.

As a member of BTS, J-Hope is aware of the impact he has on the world.

He loves giving back to schools and other organizations. He was even named part of ChildFund Korea’s “Green Noble Club for Children,” a donor society for those who donate over 100 million KRW.

He has shown support for numerous causes, including the Black Lives Matter movement. After BTS donated $1 million USD, he showed his KAWS “TAKE” figurine which was created to benefit the movement by donating a portion of sales to related organizations.

He’s also shown support for a breast cancer awareness campaign with his KAWS “Love Your W” shirt…

| @bts_twt/Twitter

…as well as figurines from Monkeybiz, a non-profit organization that supports 450 registered beaders in South Africa.

| @bts_twt/Twitter

J-Hope is humble, responsible, and hardworking — The perfect role model for his fans!

5. He genuinely loves his fans as much as they love him.

J-Hope consistently shows his love for ARMYs and lets them know how important they are in his life.

In the “Thanks To” section of Love Yourself: Her, J-Hope described his fans as his reason for his existence. He’s also referred to them as the answer to all of his life.

He created the song “Piece of Peace” on his mixtape Hope World because he wants to be a source of light and happiness for his fans.

Someone’s strength,
Someone’s light,
I wish I could be a
Piece of peace.

— “Piece of Peace” by J-Hope

He often does live broadcasts, social media updates, and more to stay in touch with ARMYs as much as he can.

Even using gifts from fans, he carries their love with him wherever he goes!

So, have you fallen for J-Hope yet? (Or maybe the better question is: How hard did you fall for him?)