Here’s The Song That Took BTS’s J-Hope Only One Hour To Make

Yes, this banger was made as fast as he thought of it!

BTS‘s J-Hope is a musical genius, and as time goes on, he only gets better! Recently, while creating music for his debut solo album Jack in the Box, he surprised fans by revealing a song that took him hardly any time to create.

The very last song he worked on and also the fastest one to create was “Music Box: Reflection.” The entire process took him only an hour!

Contrary to what fans might think, instead of adding his sampled breathing to a beat that he had already created, he did it in the reverse order.

I breathed in and out on the spot, inhaling and exhaling. And I sampled it, inserted some beats, and made it.

— J-Hope

This song plays an important role in the album and acts as a “signal,” according to J-Hope.

Dividing the album into a first and second half, it acts as an interlude and signifies a change in the topics.

If the previous tracks work to talk about J-Hope to the world, the latter tracks show some shadows of J-Hope.

— J-Hope

Introducing the shadows of J-Hope, fans can expect to see another side of him that isn’t often shown to the public. Showcasing his darker thoughts in the second half of the album, he discusses his worries and fears as he questions things.

The song was featured in a promotional trailer for his “Hope in the Box” merchandise inspired by the album.

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