BTS’s J-Hope Showcases His True Personality Behind The Scenes Of “MORE” MV

This is what he’s really like!

BTS‘s J-Hope is known for his intense work ethic. Confidently declaring “My work makes me breathe, so I want more” in his debut solo single “MORE,” he showed just how hardworking he really is behind the scenes of the music video.

When filming a scene, even the slightest mistake wouldn’t live up to his own expectations. For example, the scene below may seem perfect to the average viewer, but for J-Hope, he noted that the tape from the box stuck to his hand for too long.

J-Hope would wish to refilm the scene at even the slightest mistakes so he would have absolutely no regrets with the final result of the video…

…and of course, he would always correct his mistake in the end!

As with many of his music videos, he’s always striving to achieve the best result possible. Becky G once commented during the filming of “Chicken Noodle Soup” that J-Hope is constantly refilming scenes to push himself and create the best end result.

Polite as always, he’s extra apologetic to the staff and music video team (However, working hard is nothing to apologize for)!

Monitoring every movement with careful eyes, nobody is as critical of J-Hope’s work as he is of himself.

Even when it’s clear that he did an amazing job, such as freezing perfectly for the mannequins scene…

…he still has a humble reaction to his own work!

Pushing on despite getting tired, J-Hope proves just how hardworking and humble he truly is, even under the intense environment of shooting a music video.

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