Here’s How BTS’s J-Hope Actually Filmed The Iconic Skeleton Scene In “MORE” MV

A lot of work happened behind the scenes!

BTS‘s J-Hope left ARMY in awe of his stylistic change with his solo debut single, “MORE.” The edgy music video quickly became a fan-favorite and showcased his rockstar charisma.

One particular scene stood out to fans, leaving many people with questions on how it was captured. During the video, a television screen shows J-Hope as a skeleton as he sings along to the lyrics of the song, seemingly recording the bones beneath his skin.

The behind-the-scenes video shows the innovative technique used by the director to create such a unique and powerful scene.

Trackers were placed along J-Hope’s face and eventually also his hands, marking points for the X-ray thermal camera.

The filming progressed as normal, but with the special X-ray thermal camera, his skeleton was captured on camera!

J-Hope also chose the X-ray shots as some of his favorite and most memorable scenes since they are unlike anything else he’s tried.

Funny enough, the hardest part of all might be placing and removing all of the trackers!

In the end, the epic scene was a success — and it definitely leaves a lasting impression on viewers!

Check out the full behind-the-scenes video of “MORE” below.