BTS’s J-Hope Actually Spoiled His Shocking “All New Hope” Concept Almost Two Years Ago

How did we miss these hints?! 🤯

Recently, BTS J-Hope‘s Special Photo-folio “All New Hope” has left fans speechless with his dramatic transformation and unique concept.

BTS’s J-Hope | BIGHIT Music

Particularly, J-Hope’s new long hair caught fans’ attention and quickly went viral across social media.

However, observant ARMY remember some previous references to this photoshoot up to 2 years ago!

Particularly, in October of 2021, he revealed the Halloween costume he wants to try is none other than Legolas from Lord of the Rings.

With a strong appearance and an elf-like charm, fans quickly went to work making edits of J-Hope as Legolas…

…and the results are immaculate!

In the photo-folio, J-Hope’s true appearance with long hair tied into a half ponytail looks just as stunning as fans envisioned.

Additionally, J-Hope proved he shot the pictorial around this time with his Weverse selfie posted in the same month. What seemed like a harmless selfie greeting fans was actually another spoiler!

When comparing his selfie to some concept photos from “All New Hope,” anyone can tell he was busy shooting that day.

It’s hard to believe this amazing concept has been a secret since 2021!

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