BTS Is Ready To Risk It All For J-Hope’s Long Hair “Legolas” Look

They’re just like us!

BTS recently sat down to look at photos from each member’s Special 8 Photo-Folio. Released on each of their birthdays throughout the past year, the photoshoots showcased different images and concepts from each other members.

As they reacted to everyone’s photos, they saved the most shocking person for last: J-Hope!

When photos of his long-haired Legolas concept were released, fans instantly lost their minds…

…and as expected, the exact same thing happened to the BTS members!

Showing grand reactions, the members couldn’t help but scream and jump out of their seats at the stunning photos.

They flooded him with compliments, telling him how cool and charismatic he looked in the new style.

J-Hope shared just how much behind-the-scenes work went into the photoshoot, all the way down to the detail of carefully choosing the photographer.

The members were also in awe of the set, including the floating rocks that were made to look as if they were mid-air by hanging from thin, transparent strings.

They also compared his photos to artwork — It really looks like something we might see in a museum!

One of the photographer’s signatures includes a photo with a tear dropping down the model’s face. Of course, J-Hope had to include that!

He made the photoshoot so grand that it could pass as a solo album pictorial.

J-Hope’s reason for these concepts shows how he always pushes himself and is such a well-rounded artist.

I’ve only shown bright, positive and street-like aspects of me, right? I wanted to get out of it so I tried something new.

— J-Hope

There may be connections drawn to his solo album Jack in the Box where J-Hope challenges the norms he’s faced until now and pops out of the box by breaking his boundaries and challenging himself as an artist.

In the end, the members wanted to see J-Hope’s cool long hair one more time! Suga revealed he wanted to try the look for himself.

The members loved every moment of J-Hope’s exciting Special 8 Photo-Folio – Me, Myself & J-Hope ‘All New Hope.’

You can’t blame them!

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