J-Hope Reveals Which Category BTS Wants To Win At The GRAMMYs And Why

“It might be a huge ambition, but…” — J-Hope

Recently, BTS held a press conference detailing their aspirations for the group after the release of their newest album “BE.”

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Specifically, J-Hope revealed his ambitions for BTS in regards to the GRAMMYs.

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He stated that he wishes BTS could achieve an award that is related to being a team.

It might be a huge ambition, but I always wish to be awarded something that is related to our ‘group’ since we are a ‘team.’

— J-Hope

BTS attributes much of their success to their strong sense of comradery and teamwork, so being rewarded for these efforts would be the most fulfilling for J-Hope.

He believes the “team” aspect is a vital part of being a group artist.

I might cry if we could really be awarded this because I think this is a very important part as a group artist.

— J-Hope

BTS’s consistent references to their team values, such as naming their previous studio album “Map of the Soul: 7” after the seven members, show how important being acknowledged as a group is to them.

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Listen to J-Hope’s full answer below!