Here’s How The BTS Members Faced Their Fears and Tried Bold New Hairstyles

Some were terrified of changing their hair!

Some BTS members are used to switching up their hairstyles frequently, while others like to stay in their comfort zones…until now! The boys revealed how they went about choosing their new, daring hairstyles for “Butter.”

| @BTS_bighit/Twitter

Jin shared that when the concept for “Butter” was announced, J-Hope revealed he had a groundbreaking hairstyle he wanted to try.

J-Hope hadn’t veered from his usual dark hair in a long time, but he perfectly pulled off the new look in the concept photos!

The members revealed just how nervous he was about trying a new style.

J-Hope is terrified of having short hair, but he overcame that.

— Jin

Luckily, J-Hope decided to try out short hair and the results are in: ARMYs find the handsome look totally heart-fluttering!

| Weverse

Similarly, RM also had his fair share of worries…but it’s different from J-Hope’s fear!

RM is the opposite, he’s afraid of having long hair.

— Jin

However, he also decided to go for the bold short cut and proved the style is perfect for him!

| Weverse

Suga also revealed his new mullet felt awkward at first…

…but the results ended up being a fan favorite!

| @Bangtan.Official/Facebook


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