BTS’s J-Hope Surprises RM By Visiting “Wild Flower” MV Shoot And Shows His True Personality

RM wasn’t ready for what he brought!

J-Hope is known for being extremely supportive of his fellow BTS members and their solo endeavors. He recently went behind the scenes to visit Jin during the filming of “The Astronaut” music video where he took photos of him and delivered his favorite treats.

Most recently, J-Hope surprised RM during his music video shoot for “Wild Flower.”

The two had a wholesome interaction as J-Hope waited for RM and called out to him when he entered the same room.

The friends went back and forth with RM feeling guilty for J-Hope to show up during his busy schedule while preparing for the 2022 MAMA Awards performance.

RM: Why did you come when you’re so busy? Didn’t you practice today?

JH: What do you mean ‘busy?’

RM: Aren’t you busy?

JH: I came after practice.

RM: I’m feeling thankful and like it’s bothersome for you to come.

JH: I should come! I was curious how you were shooting everything. It’s almost dinner time right?

J-Hope was excited to watch, but soon realized that the filming had just ended!

RM: Yeah it is [dinner time]. I’m basically just acting in the shoot right now.

JH: Oh yeah? I have to watch.

JH: *Is told that filming ended* Oh really? Ah, man…

RM explains how the baton will soon pass to J-Hope to be the next member to film, possibly referring again to his 2022 MAMA Awards performance. However, he’s shocked when he sees what J-Hope brought for him!

RM: Wow, damn bro! *Looking at snacks*

JH: Eat dinner and eat these snacks, too.

RM: These ones are really good.

Not only did J-Hope come to support RM, he also brought enough for the hardworking staff members.

JH: *talking to staff* Tell the staff I brought enough for everyone, too.

RM: Man.. Thank you… You shouldn’t have gone out of your way to come.

JH: No, not at all.

The two soon took some commemorative photos together…

…and went their separate ways! Filled with energy from his visit, RM was extremely thankful for J-Hope’s surprise and couldn’t stop complimenting him until the end.

JH: Film well, Namjoon!

RM: Okay I will! Even though I won’t be as cool as you.

Watch the full video below!


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