BTS Thinks J-Hope Should Be The President Of The World — And Honestly, We Agree

The leader we need. 👏

BTS‘s J-Hope has it all, but does he have what it takes to be the “president of the world?”

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According to V in BTS’s latest interview with Rolling Stone, that’s exactly the case and it seems he’s not alone in that sentiment.

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— RM

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Not only is J-Hope known for his immense talents when it comes to the stage, he also has the ability to adapt and pick up new skills quickly, a skill that served him around the time of his debut.

When I first started training, all the members were rappers, so when you went into the house, beats were dropping. Everyone was just rapping in freestyle. It was kind of not easy to adapt at first.

— J-Hope

However, J-Hope’s professionalism goes far beyond learning and mastering skills. His leader behavior and strong work ethic have earned him the title of BTS’s pillar and behind-the-scenes leader.


His excellence doesn’t stop there. His professional, humble, and talented reputation precedes him among HYBE staff who use the phrase “It’s J-Hope” as a compliment for an artist that’s performing exceptionally well!

| Melon Music Awards 2020

He sets a strong example for others with his resilience, courage, and kindness — including the BTS members themselves.

It’s easier to speak your mind but he listens to what everyone says. He always listens to the end, hiding his presence. But when he does step up, he becomes the strongest guy!

— RM

J-Hope has all the qualities of someone who can change the world. Make way for Mr. President Jung!

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