Detective ARMY Find An Interview Where BTS’s J-Hope Spoiled His “Ultimate Weapon” That He’s Using In Crush’s “Rush Hour”

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Crush recently announced his latest track “Rush Hour” featuring and starring J-Hope of BTS with a release date of Thursday September 22 at 6PM KST (5 AM EST). However, ARMY are digging up past receipts to uncover what we can expect from this collaboration.

Crush and BTS’s J-Hope | @OfficialPnation/Twitter

Fans are excited to see in the latest “Rush Hour” music video teaser that J-Hope and Crush will show off some dance moves. According to a previous interview with Rolling Stone, J-Hope already gave a mini spoiler that ARMY can expect him to show off his roots in his next collab.

I’m looking forward to a collaboration, so maybe I can do a very cool and awesome collaboration with other artists. Nothing’s set yet, but it’s just my bold ambition. I’m open to any future plans like this. If I do a next collaboration, it’ll probably showcase my ultimate weapon, which is dancing.

— J-Hope/Rolling Stone

Differing J-Hope’s recent solo album Jack in the Box which focused more on showcasing his musical style and capabilities as a singer and artist, this time around, it seems he’s returning to his roots as a dancer.

Another collaboration that may come to mind that shows off his dance capabilities is “Chicken Noodle Soup” featuring Becky G which successfully showcased both artists backgrounds in dance as well as their respective cultures.

With all of this in mind, we can’t wait to see what kind of dance “Rush Hour” has in store for us!

The music video will be released Thursday September 22 at 6PM KST (5 AM EST). Check out the latest teaser here.

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