Here’s How BTS’s J-Hope Actually Invited Guests To His Listening Party —  And It Shows His True Personality

Simon Dominic revealed how it happened.

Hip-hop artist Simon Dominic recently sat down for an interview with W Korea where he talked all about how he was invited to BTS J-Hope‘s Jack in the Box listening party.

Taking photos with the members, he made good memories during his time there. However, what surprised fans was the way that he was invited to the party.

He revealed that he was actually sent a DM from J-Hope himself!

J-Hope sent me a long DM. ‘Hello, hyung. I grew up listening to your music.’ How could I not go?

— Simon Dominic

Despite his hectic schedule, Simon knew he had to go from such a sincere message by J-Hope.

There, he was able to connect with the BTS members and other celebrities who attended.

Taking part in every detail of Jack in the Box as both an album and as a project, even J-Hope’s listening party guests were personally invited by him through sincere and unique messages.

J-Hope’s hands-on approach of everything from creating his music to his personalized messages for guests is just another reason he is known best for his humble personality and kind heart!

Check out more about J-Hope’s true personality below!

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