Here’s Why “Starry Night” Host Kim Eana Thinks BTS’s J-Hope Is “Too Perfect To Be True” — And It’s A Total Mood

These moments show his true personality.

BTS‘s J-Hope recently sat down with MBC Radio show “Starry Night” host Kim Eana to discuss his solo career and answer questions from ARMY. However, one fan brought up a specific story that J-Hope himself has never discussed…until now!

Host Kim Eana and BTS’s J-Hope | Instagram/@starnight959

He  shared the story of when he found an abandoned, abused kitten with bad eyes. His family dog, Mickey, also has bad eyes and has recently had prosthetics put in, so the poor kitten tugged at his heartstrings.

Taking the skinny and starved kitten to the hospital, he paid for the medical bills and wished for it to be nursed back to health and find a loving family. Though J-Hope himself never told the story, a fan who was there witnessed the event and spread the story of his secret good deed.

After hearing the story, host Kim Eana shared how J-Hope is “living his name” as a symbol of hope who helps and loves others. However, that’s not all J-Hope did on the show that revealed his true thoughtful nature!

When asked to select a calming song, he chose “Meet Him Among Them” by Lee Sun Hee. His reasoning? Host Kim Eana wrote the lyrics, so he looked into it and listened to the song. Her humble reaction shows just how honored she was for J-Hope to promote her own work out of any song he could have chosen.

As if all of that wasn’t enough to prove how kindhearted J-Hope is, he also took some time to greet his loving fans up close and personal!

After all of the ways J-Hope shows his kindness, Kim Eana said what every ARMY is thinking!

J-Hope, you’re too perfect to be true!

— Kim Eana

Yes, J-Hope is actually as humble and kind as he seems! He shares even more of his thoughtful nature when discussing friendships. Check out more below.

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