A Dancer From “Street Woman Fighter” Went To Dance School With BTS’s J-Hope — Here’s What She Said About His True Personality

“Hoseok is seriously…”

BTS‘s J-Hope is just like us and loves to watch a good reality show!

Recently, he exposed himself as a fan of Mnet‘s dance crew reality show Street Woman Fighter. Kindly posting after the voting results had concluded, he showed how impressed he was with the performance from dance crew Holy Bang with a thumbs up and blushed emoji.

J-Hope’s Post | Weverse

What many fans don’t know is that one of the dancers named Hertz previously knew J-Hope from Joy Dance: Plug-In Music Academy, the school where J-Hope studied dance in the past.

On Instagram, she revealed her favorite BTS song to be none other than the summer hit “Dynamite,” along with a snippet of J-Hope’s personality back then!

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“I went to the same academy as Hoseok heh,,
Tmi: Hoseok is seriously kind so I always thought that I wanted him to do well but he’s succeeding thousands of hundreds of times more than I imagined lol!”

— Hertz

J-Hope at Plug-In Music: Joy Dance Academy

It comes as no surprise to ARMYs that J-Hope’s kind-hearted and respectful personality has always been a part of him!

In fact, Hertz is one of the many people who have commented on J-Hope’s humble and thoughtful character. Read more about what people had to say about his true personality below!

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