BTS’s J-Hope Shocks Everyone By Recognizing An &TEAM Member After 5 Years

This is how they knew each other before!

Mentor and dance teacher BTS‘s J-Hope is back! Recently, J-Hope paid rookie boy group &TEAM a surprise visit for encouragement and to give them advice on their performance skills.

BTS’s J-Hope and &TEAM | @andTEAMofficial/Twitter

When J-Hope entered, the members of &TEAM were completely starstruck! They each took a turn introducing themselves when something unexpected happened.

Right when &TEAM member Fuma introduced himself, J-Hope instantly recalled seeing him before!

J-Hope: We were on the same stage together before? Or not?

Fuma: *Gasps* Yes! Thank you!

Fuma was shocked at J-Hope’s impeccable memory as the two went in for a handshake.

He recalled that it was during BTS’s 2017 Japan tour at Kyocera Dome.

During the “Not Today” stage, Fuma was a back-up dancer for BTS. Depending on the stage, there may be 30 or more back-up dancers for this performance.

Even K chimed in that the other members were unaware Fuma had ever danced for BTS!

With all of their tours and concerts throughout the years, it’s amazing that J-Hope recognized Fuma after 5 years! However, with his track record of always showing his gratitude for BTS’s back-up dancers and staff, it might come as no surprise to ARMY who know just how much J-Hope truly treasures those around him.

| Naver


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