BTS’s J-Hope Goes Viral For His Reaction To The Microphone Stand Being Too Short, But It Wasn’t Actually Because Of Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

The mystery has been solved!

On January 7, idols flew to Bangkok for the annual 37th Golden Disc Awards. As expected, moments from the event gained attention from netizens worldwide.

During the show, one of the most anticipated attendees was BTS‘s J-Hope. Although he arrived during the ceremony, his visuals were undeniable.

BTS’s J-Hope at the event | KPOP JAMM/YouTube

Of course, idols from different groups and different companies attended, which meant that netizens had some of the most iconic and unexpected interactions. In particular, one moment made netizens worldwide laugh, and it included some of the top idols in the industry.

As expected, BTS picked up several awards, and one of them was the “Popularity Award.” When the results were announced, J-Hope’s smile was infectious as he went to collect the awards.

| KPOP JAMM/YouTube   

The viral moment came as J-Hope got ready to give his speech. Looking at the microphone stand and while holding two awards, the idol hilariously noticed that the stand was much too short for him to use.

J-Hope then put down the awards to adjust them to the right height for him so he could comfortably do his speech.


Of course, the hilarious moment went viral because many netizens believed they had found the culprit and that it was none other than Stray KidsBang Chan.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan | @realstraykids/Instagram

In another video stitched with J-Hope’s clip, it showed Stray Kids going to accept their award and Bang Chan lowering the microphone stand to give the speech.

When the videos were shared, netizens couldn’t get over the alleged “height difference” and J-Hope’s hilarious reaction.

Yet, while this clip went viral, many believe that there was another story behind it, and it wasn’t actually Bang Chan. Although there is a height difference between the Stray Kids’ leader and J-Hope, many believe he wasn’t the reason for the microphone stand being so low.

In fact, a video showing the entire moment shows that it was actually the woman who had announced that BTS had won who reduced the size of the microphone.


Although Bang Chan wasn’t the culprit. In the end, there was no denying that J-Hope’s reaction was truly iconic, and it was a coincidence that the Stray Kids’ leader had lowered the stand.

Source: KPOP JAMM/YouTube

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