BTS’s J-Hope Spills The Tea On Meeting Drake, His “In My Feelings” Video, And More

Did he get Drake’s number?!

Give Me A Minute host Zico recently sat down with BTS‘s J-Hope for a 5-minute interview that was packed with funny moments and interesting topics. Zico brought up the time J-Hope was able to meet rapper and singer Drake in person and asked him to tell the full story.

J-Hope recalled the 2019 American Music Awards where BTS was able to meet and take a photo with the celebrity. However, J-Hope has his own special story about the event!

BTS and Drake | @BTS_twt/Twitter

Participating in the “In My Feelings” Challenge, J-Hope’s viral Twitter video made it’s way into the official music video.

J-Hope’s video used in the “In My Feelings” music video. | Drake/YouTUbe 

The timing of the awards show was perfect as it was shortly after the release of the “In My Feelings” music video featuring J-Hope’s cameo.

That’s right. It was “In My Feelings.” I did that and he recognized me with that.

— J-Hope

Like many people who are huge fans of Drake, Zico couldn’t help but share how envious he was of the awesome situation.

  • ZC: “I’m so jealous! So you shook hands with Drake?”
  • JH: “Yeah, he said he’s watching us well!”

He had one hilarious request for J-Hope…

Next time, when you meet Drake and do a video call, if you could only show him my face and say ‘There is this person…’

— Zico

…that sadly couldn’t be fulfilled!

I don’t know his number! *Laughing*

— J-Hope

Check out more funny moments from J-Hope’s interview with Zico below!

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