BTS’s J-Hope Plays The Recorder With His Nose And Reinvents His Iconic Meme From 6 Years Ago

His talents are endless! 🤣

BTS‘s J-Hope was the first guest on Zico‘s new show Give Me A Minute where the two talked about everything from fashion to music.

Along the topics of music, J-Hope revealed that instruments are actually not within his wide realm of talents…

..even though he looks good pretending to play guitar!

Zico confused J-Hope, revealing he saw a video of his prowess with a particular instrument…

…and J-Hope was certain there must have been a mistake.

All it took was one reveal for the memories to come flooding back: Many ARMY remember J-Hope’s hilarious past with the recorder!

J-Hope’s special technique to play it was all in the power of his nose.

During a live stream 6 years ago, J-Hope made a grand entrance demonstrating his skills.

Accompanying him during the broadcast, Suga was there to witness it all — and loved every minute of it!

The classic moment lives on in the fandom through all kinds of memes and edited photos to this day.

J-Hope put his skills to the test and he’s still got it.

Playing all kinds of tunes, it seems J-Hope has more skill with instruments than he thought.

Check out his focused face as he diligently plays the recorder with his nostril!

Could this be the hysterical beginning of a Zico and J-Hope collab?

Bring me a laptop so I can add a beat!

— Zico

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