BTS’s Jimin Is Praised For His Behavior While Dealing With Intense Crowds At The Airport

Fans are once again voicing concerns about the crowds that mob idols at airports.

BTS‘s Jimin has arrived safely back in South Korea after having traveled to New York.

BTS’s Jimin

As expected, a huge crowd was at Incheon airport, waiting to greet the global star, which is something fans continue to call out. Fans point out that the behavior is dangerous and certainly makes the idols uncomfortable.

Still, despite how overwhelming the crowds were, Jimin made sure to greet everyone kindly.

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Even when driving from the airport, Jimin made sure to greet everyone who had waited for him.

| @JIMINI95s/Twitter 

Fans praised the idol’s kindness, even in moments that would likely be stressful.

Although fans still hope crowds will learn to respect idols and ensure they feel comfortable.

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