BTS’s Jimin Was Asked How To Lose Baby Fat, And His Words Were Surprisingly Touching

“Everyone, love yourself.”

BTS returned to the music scene on November 20 with their album BE. Their schedules were packed with a global press conference, an online broadcast, and a comeback countdown on their YouTube channel.


In the countdown video, fans got to see the members asking each other questions ranging from their current hobbies to their plans to release original songs.

When it was Jimin‘s turn to answer questions, his fellow 1995-liner V interviewed him.

His second question was on Jimin’s visual evolution throughout the years. He originally had cute “chubby cheeks” that gave him a soft look. As time passed, his jawline grew sharper.

You lost a lot of baby fat…I think you lost a lot of baby fat compared to when we first debuted. Can you give some tips for people who want to lose their baby fat?

— V

Instead of giving a precise exercise regime or diet plan, Jimin suggested to simply let time do its job.

Baby fat…I think you just have to wait. Just let time take care of it.

— Jimin

What he wanted to emphasize even more than his visuals, however, was how people should prioritize their own well-being first.

What I think is that you don’t need to work too hard to change your appearance.

— Jimin

V immediately agreed with his words, exclaiming, “What a wise saying!”


Jimin ended his response by repeating BTS’s famous heartwarming line, “Everyone, love yourself!”


If you want to see more of BTS answering interview questions, check out the full video below.

Source: YouTube


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