BTS’s Jimin And BIGBANG’s Taeyang Show Off Their Chemistry Behind The Scenes Of “VIBE”

Jimin is so shy! 🥰

Recently, BTS‘s Jimin collaborated with BIGBANG‘s Taeyang and was featured on his song, “VIBE.”

As the two practiced together for the music video, Taeyang revealed his gratitude for Jimin’s hard work.

I was a nervous wreck, [I was like,] ‘Will I be able to carry this vibe together?’ I was so lucky that our Jimin here put in so much work.

— Taeyang

Jimin’s motivation for the project also motivated Taeyang to give it his all.

Watching his hard work actually motivated me and helped me focus on giving more.

— Taeyang

Meanwhile, Jimin felt honored to be featured on the song since he’s always been a fan!

My fans probably all know this already, but I’ve been such a huge fan.

— Jimin

Having the opportunity to collab with his idol, he’s still somewhat in disbelief about the whole thing!

Seeing how encouraged Jimin was, Taeyang made sure to make it his best — and even treated fans to a behind-the-scenes moment of getting his muscles pumped.

Not only did he do it to look good, he wanted to make his trainer proud!

In the end, this iconic collab is a dream team for fans of both BTS and BIGBANG!

Watch the full video below.