BT21 Introduces “Chewy Chewy Chimmy” — And BTS ARMYs Are Freaking Out

Take my money! 😍

Fans of BTS‘s Jimin and BT21‘s Chimmy are in luck!

Recently, after eating a bunch of mochi, Chimmy underwent an unusual transformation.

That’s right — Chimmy has become mochi! This new adorable form of Chimmy is dubbed “Chewy Chewy Chimmy” and features a variety of new and squishy products available on Line Friends.

There all are all sizes of various plushies…

…including this big plushie that is perfect for resting your head on. Note the holes under the ears so you can put your hands inside!

There’s also a plushie of Chimmy lying face down, which can be used as an arm rest or just as an adorable decoration.

There are different types of keychains, such as the two shown below. One features a mochi shape while the other has Chimmy’s whole body.

If you’re loving the squishy mochi version, all of BT21 is available in the adorable style and are sold as a set.

Lastly, these huggable magnetized plushies come in all of the characters, as well.

Each one has a mochi backpack. How cute!

The full line is just too adorable to resist!

Unfortunately, the jumbo plushie in the promotional photos is not for sale.

Which Chewy Chewy Chimmy product will you buy?

Source: Line Friends


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