BTS’s Jimin Can’t Help Missing His Members While Shooting “Set Me Free Pt 2” Music Video

He mentioned them multiple times during the shoot.

BTS’s Jimin recently dropped his single “Set Me Free Pt 2” with an accompanying music video that took fans’ breaths away. From the choreography to the looks, the singer knocked it out of the park with his first official release as a soloist.

It’s no secret that the BTS members always have the group at the top of their priorities, which often comes out in the form of unexpected shoutouts in the middle of their individual schedules. Be it their solo vlogs, live broadcasts, or talk show appearances, trust and believe that the seven members will always find a way to talk about their group mates.

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In the recent behind-the-scenes video of “Set Me Free Pt 2” posted by BIGHIT MUSIC, Jimin was the center of attention in every sense of the term. The dancers around him couldn’t stop exclaiming at his shots, the director was constantly exchanging notes with him, and being the perfectionist he is, Jimin asked for retakes even after the director ok-ed some takes. He even revealed that the bold looks in the music video, including the one where he is shirtless with lettering on his body, were primarily his brainchildren.

But even with the spotlight entirely on him, Jimin couldn’t help but bring up his members. He reminisced about the shoots with the other BTS members, remarking that doing it all by himself was more difficult. Though he said he had fun with this new experience, he also “realized once again how it’s not easy filling up the stage alone.”

On the second day of the shoot, Jimin donned the shirtless look and joked around, saying he looked like an exam cheat sheet. Then he clarified that the letters on his body were from a poem, after which he randomly showed off his “7” tattoo to the camera, flashing his index finger where the friendship tattoo sits prettily.

Ever since BTS announced their temporary break from group activities, even the smallest interaction between the members has become significantly heartwarming for fans. Jimin’s small gestures to include his group even in times of his personal shine only prove what BTS has already said several times, that they genuinely share a family-like bond beyond grand gestures.