BTS’s Jimin Challenges ARMYs To Guess The Movie His New Song Is Based On

Can you guess which one?

BTS’s Jimin recently gave fans a pleasant surprise ahead of the release of his album Face. Those who are signed up on the mailing list of UMG for BTS got a handwritten letter from the singer today, on March 23, KST.

In the letter, Jimin said that his album contains all the honest emotions he experienced during the pandemic and asked fans to send in questions they would like him to answer before the album’s release.

I am back with my very first solo album “Face.” I wanted to convey my honest feelings that I experienced during the pandemic through this album, so hope you all enjoy listening.


Jimin also mentioned his title track, “Like Crazy,” in the letter saying that the song is actually inspired by one of his favorite movies and teased ARMYs to guess the exact title.

Fans immediately went on a decrypting spree, trying to remember all the movies Jimin has mentioned over the years. The first guess was The Notebook, a film that the singer has repeatedly stated to be his all-time favorite.

But, the second theory that is garnering more support is the 2011 movie called Like Crazy. Apart from the fact that Jimin’s title track has the same name, fans also felt that the film’s plot has more prospects of being connected to the song than The Notebook.

The film is about a couple battling the struggles of separation and a long-distance relationship, but they always end up finding a way to each other. ARMYs are theorizing that this storyline feels like something that could relate to the isolation and separation that the pandemic brought into people’s lives, perhaps including Jimin’s. The singer had also shared the song “In Return” from the movie’s soundtrack in 2021 on Melon, saying that he used to listen to the track 2-3 times a day!

Additionally, according to some of the audience members who attended the taping of the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon the day Jimin guested on the show, he told the audience that his new song was based on a movie by the same name.

This little scavenger hunt will hopefully end on March 24, when Jimin finally drops “Like Crazy.” Until then, bets anyone?