BTS Jimin’s Backup Dancer Apologizes For Sharing Allegedly Racist “Shipping” Edit

ARMYs have mixed feelings about the edit.

A dancer who recently worked with BTS‘s Jimin is under fire after sharing an allegedly racist edit of the two.


Since Jimin released his solo album FACE and has been promoting the song “Like Crazy,” his backup dancers have been getting love too.

In both the MV and live performances, a woman dancer acts as Jimin’s “reflection.” When Jimin performed “Like Crazy” in New York City on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, he worked with U.S.-based dancers. The woman who danced alongside Jimin, Julia Alaimo, received a lot of attention after the performance was aired.

With Vogue releasing the video “A Day With BTS’s Jimin in NYC,” the dancers have garnered attention once again. Dancer Julia Alaimo also shared some cute moments of Jimin and the dancers laughing together in her Instagram Stories.

Yet, her following post received mixed reactions from ARMYs.

Dancer Julia Alaimo shared an edit using the same photo from above but focusing only on her and Jimin. They were edited in wedding attire with a cake and rings. She captioned the post, “LOL.”

While some ARMYs thought the edit was hilarious…

Others found it concerning. Many found it inappropriate for a dancer to share a “shipping” edit with someone they worked with, but they also noticed an allegedly racist aspect to it as well.

The wedding cake is what has many disturbed by the dancer’s post. The cake in question is actually the “Love, Honor, Cherish Cake” from Jacques Pastries, a Wedding Cake Bakery in New Hampshire, from its Asian Inspired collection of cakes. The cake contains not only chopsticks and a fan as the cake topper but Chinese on the middle tier.

Since Julia Alaimo shared the edit, she has received lots of criticism. So, she deleted the post and posted clarification and an apology. She explained that she had not made the edit but only reposted it. Alaimo also apologized for offending anyone.

Julia Alaimo has previously reposted ARMYs’ edits, so she likely did so out of habit after being sent it without paying attention to the details.

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