Fans Praise BTS Jimin’s Security During The Dior Show At Paris Fashion Week

There was initially confusion about what happened in the viral clip.

When BTS‘s Jimin made his debut as Dior‘s new global brand ambassador at the Dior Fall 2023 Menswear Fashion Show, all eyes were on him and J-Hope. Netizens loved their individual takes on Dior outfits and couldn’t get enough of the two BTS members’ interactions.

BTS’s Jimin
BTS’s J-Hope

Jimin later took to Weverse to thank fans for their enthusiastic support of the “meaningful first-time experience.”

But as Jimin and J-Hope were the main events of the fashion show, it’s no surprise that fans and paparazzi were all hoping to get pictures of the idols.

Fans started praising Jimin’s bodyguard for ensuring that Jimin stayed safe through the event and kept the paparazzi away from him after one video went viral. In the clip, Jimin is leaving an area when paparazzi (as netizens initially incorrectly believed) try to get him to pose for more pictures.

| @haytaehay/TikTok 

Instantly, Jimin’s bodyguard is seen guiding Jimin away and refusing the attempts for more pictures.

| @haytaehay/TikTok 

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Although netizens initially believed it was paparazzi asking for pictures, other netizens pointed out that it was Balmain‘s designer who was in the corner with Dior’s official photographer.

Another video of J-Hope posing for pictures further proved that the photographer was directing Jimin to the corner to take more pictures.

But as Jimin clearly needed to keep moving to the fashion show, fans are incredibly grateful that the bodyguard took such good care of Jimin to guide him to where he needed to be and ensure he got to his front row seat in time.

Some fans are even pointing out that this level of protection should extend to airports.

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