BTS’s V Expresses Concerns About Crowds At Airports

He witnessed people getting hurt.

BTS‘s V addressed the recent crowding and lack of security at the airport during his trip.

BTS’s V at the airport in Paris

Recently, BTS’s V flew to Paris, France for an unspecified schedule. After just four days in Paris, teasing ARMYs with various artsy photos from his trip, he returned to the airport in Paris for another flight. Again, we’re unsure of his upcoming schedule. 

BTS’s V at the airport in Paris

While V stole everyone’s hearts as usual with his rockstar style and warm, thoughtful actions, waving happily to ARMYS as he traveled, many noticed that he appeared to be accompanied by only one security team member, and it was his manager.

This was especially concerning considering V’s star status and crowds in the airport drew closer to him.  Accompanied by only his manager and a female staff member who walked ahead of them, V was surrounded. Some individuals also allegedly stalked V.

ARMYs were grateful to V’s manager for keeping him safe as always. Still, they were frustrated that BIGHIT MUSIC seemingly sent V with inadequate security for his departure trip from Paris. Yet, bodyguards surrounded him on the way to France from Korea. 

BTS’s V at the airport on the way to Paris | @TataLovesArt2/Twitter

So, ARMYs shared their gratitude for the manager for helping V navigate the crowds of people via social media while still calling attention to the problematic and concerning lack of security.

Now, V has shared his own concerns in a post via Instagram Stories. He posted a photo from his trip and wrote a paragraph expressing that as much as he likes to see ARMYs while traveling, he was concerned for both their and reporters’ safety as he witnessed people falling and bumping into each other.

| @thv/Instagram

There are no ARMYs or reporters who got hurt. Right? I get worried every time I enter or depart [a country] even though seeing ARMYs makes me happy. But seeing people falling or getting bumped into makes my heart hurt a lot. From now on, it would be great to see each other again and not get injured or hurt, everyone.

— V

V concluded his post by saying he hopes it won’t happen again because he worries that people are getting hurt.

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ARMYs Voice Frustration Over Lack Of Security For BTS’s V At Paris Airport

Source: @thv

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