Dr. Phil Receives Backlash For Calling BTS’s Jimin “Manufactured”

Fans are expressing their outrage over Dr. Phil’s comments.

Dr. Phil recently made a comment about BTS‘s Jimin that is not being well-received by fans.


Recently, Oli London, the fan who married a cardboard cutout of Jimin, appeared on Dr. Phil to talk about his obsession with Jimin and plastic surgery.


Instead of trying to be someone else, Dr. Phil encouraged Oli London to love Oliver: his true self. While doing so, however, Dr. Phil described Jimin in a way that has offended fans.

You can do all this other stuff, but in the final analysis, everywhere you go, Oliver goes with you. You ought to make peace with him, and learn to love that part of who you are.

— Dr. Phil


Dr. Phil referred to Jimin as being a false “image” that has been manufactured and marketed.

You have to know that the somebody else that you’re wanting to be is not really who that person appears to be. That’s a manufactured, marketed image.

— Dr. Phil


On Twitter, ARMYs are expressing their outrage. These fans feel that Dr. Phil has discredited Jimin as a real person, and they find the remarks hypocritical.


Other fans are upset that Jimin’s image has been criticized, and they are tired of K-Pop being given a “bad name”.



Watch the clip here: