Oli London Reveals Which Surgeries He’s Had To Look Like BTS’s Jimin

He talked about his surgeries on Dr. Phil.

Recently, Oli London, the BTS superfan who married a cardboard cutout of Jimin, appeared on Dr. Phil. 


Oli shared the reasons behind his obsession with Jimin, his struggles with self-esteem, and how bullies (online and off) affect his perception of himself.

When I look in the mirror, I never feel beautiful, I never feel good, and I get so much hate online as well, and it just kind of adds to that feeling.

— Oli London


Oli also revealed the plastic surgery procedures he has gotten to look like Jimin, how much they cost ($150, 000), and what the side effects are. According to Dr. Phil, Oli had undergone fifteen surgeries in just six years.


$20,000 of Oli’s total surgery costs has gone to his lips. He gets injections for every three weeks to make them as plush as Jimin’s. “His lips just look so luscious and kissable,” he said.


Oli has had his jawbone “completely shaved down”…


…and his chin bone “shaved, cut off, and reattached”. 

I’ve got titanium screws and brackets to keep my chin in place.

—  Oli London


He has already had eyelid surgery, but he is hoping to get more to make his eyes more “almond shaped”.



Oli’s cheekbones have also been reduced, and his nose has been changed five times. Due to having so much surgery, his face now has numbness.

I’ve had so many procedures, like my whole face is numb, but I love it. It’s such a great feeling. My chin I can’t even feel, I just feel the metal inside my face. My cheeks, I have no feeling at all, so when I smile, it actually feels uncomfortable.

— Oli London


Post-surgery photos may make some people swear off surgery, but Oli says that he loves being in recovery.

I actually love being in recovery. I love lying in bed with bandages. I’m always at my happiest at that time. And then, after like two months or something, that great feeling of ‘wow, I love my new face’ kind of wears off, and I’m always thinking about the next thing.

— Oli London


“I need to change everything until I’m identical,” he said.


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