Dr. Phil Encourages BTS Jimin’s Superfan Oli London To Love Himself

Oli London revealed the true reasons why he wants to look like Jimin.

Dr. Phil has a message for Oli London that all ARMYs know: “Love Yourself”.


Oli London, the BTS superfan who recently wed a cardboard cutout of Jimin,  appeared on Dr. Phil to discuss his obsession with Jimin and plastic surgery.


Oli London revealed that he was frequently bullied by his peers and cheated on by his partners while growing up.

When I would go to school, I would get teased, I would get bullied. Whenever I was dating someone, they would always cheat on me or reject me, and I always thought that was just the way I looked, so I thought, okay, I have to change that.

— Oli London


This led to him developing negative feelings about his appearance that he has tried to overcome with K-Pop and surgery.

 I’ve been unhappy since I was a teenager, you know. I used to get teased at school. I used to get bullied, and I moved to Korea in 2013, and I fell in love with K-Pop. I fell in love with BTS, but it was Jimin in particular that became my absolute obsession.

— Oli London


When Dr. Phil told Oli London that he was selling himself short by not being his own best friend, Oli London confessed that his appearance is a facade that hides his sadness.

It just makes me feel better about myself. It’s like a facade. Deep down, I feel sad about myself. I’m always trying to change myself, and I never feel good enough. When I look in the mirror, I never feel beautiful, I never feel good, and I get so much hate online as well, and it just kind of adds to that feeling. So, it just makes me feel better about myself.

— Oli London


Instead of focusing on Jimin and appearances, Dr. Phil advised Oli London to learn to love Oliver, the person he carries with him wherever he goes.

You can do all this other stuff, but in the final analysis, everywhere you go, Oliver goes with you. You ought to make peace with him, and learn to love that part of who you are.

— Dr. Phil


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